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Celebrate Pet Dental Health Month Through Education and Action

You love your pet’s smile and want those toothy canines to shine, so pet dental health awareness and care are paramount. To celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month this month—although dental health for cats and dogs is important year-round—our Caring Hands Animal Hospital team addresses some reasons behind the need for regular dental care. We’re [...]

Is Pet Insurance Right for You?

Pet health insurance is a new concept for most U.S. pet owners, but as veterinary bills rise along with inflation, such a policy could provide valuable peace of mind and financial protection. The pet health insurance market has grown rapidly in recent years, and coverage has improved from what was offered by only a few [...]

Preventing Disease Through Proactive Veterinary Care

Despite the advances in veterinary medical technology, providing your pet with routine wellness care remains the most important thing you can do to protect their health. Because dogs and cats can share diseases and parasites with local wildlife, we can never eliminate these threats. Instead, we can focus on vaccinating our pets, being consistent with [...]

Achoo FAQs: Feline Upper Respiratory Infections

Cats commonly are affected by upper respiratory infections (URIs) that can range from mild to severe and may require hospitalization for pets who do not receive treatment. Most infections are viral or bacterial and spread rapidly, and can result in widespread illness, especially in multi-cat housing facilities. Similar to human respiratory infections, prompt care can [...]

Can I Feed This to My Pet? Pet-Safe Holiday Treats

Holiday pet blog posts and articles generally contain a long list of “Don’ts.” And, while recognizing that many holiday activities, decorations, and foods can be disastrous for pets is important, these warnings can make the holly-jolliest owners feel pretty bah-humbug. So, rather than focus on keeping your pet off the naughty list, the Caring Hands [...]

Aging Minds: Understanding Cognitive Dysfunction in Pets

Similar to humans, aging pets commonly experience changes in cognitive function. Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS), often likened to Alzheimer's in humans, is a progressive condition that affects many senior pets, causing confusion, disorientation, and behavioral changes. This often misunderstood condition can leave pet parents feeling helpless as they watch their senior pet grapple with memory [...]

5 Tips for a Pet-Safe Thanksgiving

When the leaves turn golden, and roasted turkey aromas fill the air, you know Thanksgiving is around the corner. For many families, Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, pumpkin pie, and endless banter, but while you’re busy diving into cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes, your pet may be sneaking table scraps or finding a culinary [...]

How To Maintain Your Pet’s Healthy Weight

Many people who view their pet as part of their family, may humanize their four-legged family member and offer them an overabundant amount of food or table scraps and high-calorie treats, which contribute to weight gain. While you may view food as a way to show your pet affection, by overindulging your furry pal, you [...]

No Tricks, Just Treats: Tips for a Pet-Safe Halloween

You may enjoy a good Halloween scare, but certainly, not one that involves your pet’s safety. For you, Halloween may be a hoot, but the ghostly decor, creepy costumes, and a perpetually ringing doorbell can make the evening a real nightmare for your pet. To keep your pet safe and fear-free this Halloween, read our [...]

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