5 Tips for a Pet-Safe Thanksgiving

When the leaves turn golden, and roasted turkey aromas fill the air, you know Thanksgiving is around the corner. For many families, Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, pumpkin pie, and endless banter, but while you’re busy diving into cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes, your pet may be sneaking table scraps or finding a culinary [...]

How To Maintain Your Pet’s Healthy Weight

Many people who view their pet as part of their family, may humanize their four-legged family member and offer them an overabundant amount of food or table scraps and high-calorie treats, which contribute to weight gain. While you may view food as a way to show your pet affection, by overindulging your furry pal, you [...]

No Tricks, Just Treats: Tips for a Pet-Safe Halloween

You may enjoy a good Halloween scare, but certainly, not one that involves your pet’s safety. For you, Halloween may be a hoot, but the ghostly decor, creepy costumes, and a perpetually ringing doorbell can make the evening a real nightmare for your pet. To keep your pet safe and fear-free this Halloween, read our [...]

Safety on: 7 Hunting Season Tips for Dog Owners

As summer fades away, hunting seasons for many game species begin to ramp up, which can pose a danger to you and your dog as you wander through the woods. However, with a little prep work, you can keep your four-legged friend out of trouble and safely by your side.  Whether your pooch is a [...]

Vet Check: Signs That Mean Your Pet Needs an Exam

Pets are creatures of habit, and subtle changes in their behavior, appearance, and actions can clue you into a potential problem. Keep a close eye on your pet to catch often-overlooked clinical signs that mean it’s time to head to Caring Hands Animal Hospital. Here are five common issues to watch for in your four-legged [...]

When the Claws Come Out: Why Cats Need to Scratch

As a cat owner, you likely have been an accidental victim of your feline friend’s sharp claws. Or, your furniture has taken a beating as your cat drags their nails against the fabric. While scratching can be a frustrating behavior for cat owners to deal with, it is an instinctive, natural urge for our feline [...]

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