If your pet is having a surgical procedure, you can feel confident that we take appropriate measures to keep your pet as safe as possible. During any anesthetic procedure, your pet is electronically monitored and also assigned a veterinary nurse to monitor  vital signs during the procedure, and to ensure the safety of your pet.

To help ensure anesthetic safety, presurgical bloodwork is done prior to your pet’s procedure. The results are used to  guide drug selection and identify any underlying internal organ issues that may affect anesthesia.

Our use of modern, multimodal anesthetic and pain management protocols are custom designed for each pet to optimize pain control and minimize time under anesthesia.  All pets undergoing general anesthesia have an intravenous catheter placed and are administered fluids during the procedure. 

Please feel free to ask us about our patient monitoring protocol or any concerns you might have about your pet’s procedure. We’d be happy to discuss these matters in more detail. 386-362-2614.

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