Wellness & Preventive Care

At Caring Hands we believe that your pet is more than just a limp or an itchy ear – (s)he is a member of your family. This is why we believe that early detection diagnostics, disease screening, and whole pet preventative care is crucial to the life long care of your pet.

Wellness & Annual Exams

Your pet can’t tell you what is wrong. Nose to tail physical examinations are required to evaluate current and developing problems. All pets need at least an annual physical exam. Senior pets and pets with health problems should have an exam at least twice yearly.


Vaccination is essential to prevent many diseases. Some diseases such as rabies and leptospirosis are transmissible to humans. Vaccination recommendations vary depending on your pet’s age and lifestyle, and are customized for each pet.


This permanent form of identification is recommended for all pets. Our microchips also contain a body temperature sensor so we can just scan your pet to determine if there is a fever or not.

Parasite Control

The warm and humid climate of North Florida is ideal for internal and external parasites. Heartworms, intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks can all cause significant health problems in your pets and the humans that live with them. All pets need to be on a quality parasite control program, new parasiticides are constantly coming to the market and we update our recommendations as needed to make sure your pets are receiving the safest and most effective medications.

Nutrition Counseling

The old adage “you are what you eat” is true for pets too. Optimal nutrition has been shown to reduce disease and prolong the lives of pets. Since nutrition is such an important part of home care, we review your pet’s diet and make recommendations at every visit.

Pain Management

Humans are a cooperative social species and rely on each other for physical help when in pain. Our pets are wired to take advantage of openings in social position, so showing signs of weakness, such as pain, is not in their best interest. Pain is still very real for them, but often outwardly hidden. Looking for these subtle signs and treating pain is a significant factor in maintaining a pet’s quality of life. Pain assessment is part of every physical exam at Caring Hands Animal Hospital.


We have both online and in house pharmacies to provide the many medications needed for your pet. Our online pharmacy offers many manufacturer discounts and the convenience of home delivery.

Nutritional Counseling

At Caring Hands we believe that the nutrition you provide your pet can play a major role in their overall health and well-being. In some cases, the proper diet can also help to prevent and eliminate disease processes. At your visit our team will make specific nutritional and caloric recommendations for your pets, these recommendations may change over time as your pets health and lifestyle changes.

Our veterinarians and team take pride in offering Purina Pro Plan Veterinary diets in our hospital due to their consistent commitment to their nutritional research.