Why Curbside Concierge Service?

Although telemedicine is growing in veterinary medicine, just as in human medicine, your pet still can’t tell the doctor where it hurts. Because of the need for a hands-on physical examination, a veterinarian needs to be physically available for your pet to be treated.

If the veterinarian or a member of the veterinary hospital staff becomes ill from COVID-19 they must stay home until well, just as you do. If the vet is sick at home, animals cannot be helped. If animals cannot be helped, they suffer and by extension, the hospital staff does not have jobs.

As you know by now, the CDC recommends a combination of social distancing and wearing of a face covering (mask) to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Social distancing is not possible within the confines of our veterinary hospital lobby nor in an exam room.

Our concierge service has been instituted to add a layer of protection for you,  the doctor, and the staff. We have found that adding this service has made the transition easier for you and less stressful for your pet. Together, we can all remain safe.

Thank you for your understanding,
Dr. Leslie

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